beer and knitting

Ann had it right when she captioned yesterday's picture: "how to be a happy mother of two toddlers." Me? I couldn't do it without beer and knitting. I'm not a big lush or anything, but there are days when that dinnertime beer and post-bedtime-TV-knitting get me through the evening without losing my mind. Since I live in Wisconsin, there is plenty of good beer and plenty of good yarn to be had.

What I'm holding there is a Black Wheat by New Glarus, a brewery only about 30 miles away from us. Stuart even biked there once (not to the brewery, but to a campground just down the road from it). I like Black Wheat, though it's a little malty for Stuart's taste.

So anyway, the Millefiori cardigan is completely and totally done and I am happy with it in every way. It fits stunningly, the yarn drapes beautifully, the clam stitch is cool (though a pain in the ass to execute), and even the buttons are classy.

This is not a great picture of me, but you can see the sweater pretty well:

Pattern: Millefiori cardigan from the Spring 2009 Interweave Knits.
Yarn: Elsbeth Lavold Bambool, a merino/bamboo mix. It's gorgeous, though slippery, so gauge was sort of a toss-up. I lucked out.
Mods: I left the clam stitch off the sleeves and worked them flat (the pattern calls for working the sleeves in the round). The pattern also calls for knitting on the buttons as you go; it was some convoluted process involving dental floss that I couldn't figure out. I didn't choose the buttons until I had finished everything else, so I just sewed them on later.


Anonymous said…
Very nice! Great sweater and I fully support the beer-drinking :)
Steph said…
The cardi looks great!

My life would be so hollow without beer and knitting.

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