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Is it okay if I leave the kids to their own devices in the sandbox for a few minutes while I drink a beer and blog? Because if I have to listen to one. more. minute. of incessant whining I just might lose my grip. The little stuff can break you, ya know?


Here are some detail shots of those shorts I made for Anya.

This is how I finished most of the seams:

And here's a bit of ribbon I tucked in the elastic casing as a faux label:

As far as knitting goes, I've been working through some smaller projects lately. Glenna's Viper Pilots socks, for one. Normally, I consider socks to be a small project, but this particular pattern is very involved. There is a big ol' chart with lots of cables and twisted stitches and long row repeats and such. Even though the finished result will be small in terms of physical space, these socks are going to take forever to finish because I can't work on them unless I'm free from all other distraction. Which is practically never. That's okay, though, because I don't have a deadline. I suppose I could have chosen a simpler sock project a month or so ago when I started these, but I like the design (and Glenna's blog) so much I just couldn't resist.

Here's a simple little cardigan I was hoping to finish before summer weather makes all things wool irrelevant. It's a free pattern from the Classic Elite website (this one), and I'm using the yarn it calls for and everything. It's called simply "one-fifty", and it's a sport weight merino wool, and it is squishy and fab-yoo-lussss.

In fact, I like this yarn so much that I bought some more to make Anya a sweater. I know, I know, I shouldn't be buying. But I couldn't resist this pattern I found on Ravelry and a friend of mine who's moving away gave me her almost-full punch card to Lakeside Fibers and my already somewhat weakened resolve just caved when I found the perfect colors...
(Yeah. That's how stash happens, y'all.)

And last, this little cardigan that has gone so fast, it's almost done and I haven't mentioned it until now. This is a free pattern from the IK Knitting Daily website. I'm so glad they offered it for free because it is simply the only thing I like at all in the summer issue (so glad I let my subscription lapse, btw). I'm using RYC cashsoft DK I've had sitting around. The color is "imp," an odd peachy-yellow that not many people could wear. I held it up next to Anya and it's dreadful on her, I'm afraid, even though the sweater would fit her. So I need to find a tot to wear this little thing!

You see I have little projects going now, but big plans for more. I also hope to do some more warm-weather sewing. So, like always, stay tuned!


Caffeine Girl said…
I am amazed at the complex knitting you manage to do with two little ones! The one-fifty sweater is adorable.

Every now and then I feel the urge to say -- enjoy these years! They go so fast! But, I distinctly remember promising myself that I would never say that. Your posts remind me of how hard those years are, despite the many joys. I used to say: The years go by so fast, but some of the days are awfully slow.
Jessi said…
Glad to see that I'm not the only one with a bunch of stuff started. Mom always reminds me that if I would finish one thing before I start another I would finish everything faster. I'm pretty sure she's right, but I like my way better.

Love the peachy sweater. Sorry it doesn't work on Anya.

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