my heart just melted

I finish sewing buttons on my Millefiori cardigan. Anya is sleeping. Daniel is watching Wallace and Gromit and making a game of sticking his dirty, filthy feet in my face. Moment of truth: I take a deep breath and try on the new sweater one last time. "Look, Daniel, my sweater is finally finished!" I say. "Mom, look at you. You're beautiful," he grins.

No amount of compliments will make me trust him with the camera, though, so pictures will have to wait until Stuart gets home. Soon, soon.

ETA: Here's a little preview:


Mrs. Allroro said…
That is so precious!
Doesn't it make you feel great that - when your kid tells you he thinks you're beautiful - he means so much more than you just "look" beautiful? It gets me everytime.
It's beautiful and looks so lovely on you!
Mrs. Allroro said…
The bottle makes me laugh. "How to be a happy mother of two toddlers." The sweater is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
The sweater looks great on you. Love the color and the fit!

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