just in the nick of time

I just finished my third and final sweater for Afghans for Afghans' current campaign. I've said a lot about this organization, and I've mentioned the current drive several times, so I won't go on and on or I'll start repeating myself. Anyway, this sweater should have been finished a week ago, but various things kept me from making the progress I wanted. I finished sewing up and blocking Thursday night, let the thing dry all day Friday (bulky yarn takes a while, even when you hang it right by the de-humidifier) and sent all three sweaters (the other two were the EZ tomten and the KPS neckdown cardigan) priority mail this morning. I hope they get to San Fransisco by Tuesday's deadline.

Pattern: Basically mine, but I used the template for child-size drop-shoulder sweater from Ann Budd's sweater book.
Yarn: some kind of wool/angora/silk blend by Noro leftover from a sweater my mom made for me last year. It's VERY warm and took just under 4 hanks to complete a 32" sweater.
Needles/gauge: 15st=4" on size 10 (6mm)

I don't have that much on the needles currently (we'll ignore all my hibernating WIPs for the moment), just those orange socks for Daniel (I'm about to finish #5 and I'm still trying to decide how many warrant an FO post...) and some swatches while I decide what to do next.


Anonymous said…
Susan, it's beautiful!

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