handknits in action

Geez, does anyone read this blog anymore? Or am I just too boring for comments? Oh well. This blog is really for me, whether anyone reads it or not.

Anyway. Witness my attempts to get a nice picture of BOTH kids this afternoon in that little window of time we could be outside without freezing our tails off.

"Hey, Daniel. Sit next to Anya, would you? Could you look at her? Help her with whatever that thing is. I want a good picture for your grandparents. No? You'd rather look the other way? Well, all right."

"Okay, kids. Now could you look up at the camera?"

Sigh. Maybe next time.


I read your blog every day, I just don't know diddley-squat about knitting, so I don't usually comment, unless it's a really adorable picture of your kids. So, as always - your kids are beeee-you-tiful!
Anonymous said…
I love Anya's expression. "Huh??"
Anonymous said…
(That last comment was by your Mom.)
(As is this one.)
Anonymous said…
I think blogger just ate my comment. In any case, your kids are adorable, and I totally read your blog...I've just been crazy busy these past few weeks!

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