I started another vintage shetland lace project this week. This one's for my mom, and the big challenge for me is that it's a triangular shawl, something I've never done before. The pattern itself isn't hard. In fact, after just one of the main repeats on the chart, I was going along well enough that I could watch the teevee while knitting it.

Until last night's presidential debate. I don't know if it was because I was so impressed with Barack Obama's eloquence and ability to be completely unfazed no matter what ridiculous accusation John McCain threw at him, or if it was my flare-ups of rage at the Republican "free market and less government is better no matter what" BS McCain kept spouting, but something misfired in the knitting part of my brain, and I screwed up. I had to stop mid-row, see?

I think, actually, it might have been the moment when John McCain said that Sarah Palin is a role model for women across the country. I think he knew how pathetic that statement was, but it still made me choke. Or maybe it was the discussion of Roe vs. Wade, and McCain's idea that we can solve the whole problem if all those unintended pregnancies end up in adoption...but don't get me started.

In any case, I've got to figure out how to solve this lace problem. I think I've got a lot of tinking ahead of me!


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