Finished! EZ child's tomten

Maybe I should take photography lessons (you know, with all that spare time I have, ha ha). Seriously, though, we have a pretty nice camera, and I wish I had the skills to take really, really good pictures of my finished objects, especially since so many of them are given away. In some ways, the close-up shots of details and works in progress are easier, but how do you set up a good shot of a fairly large finished piece? Anyone have suggestions?

In any case, here is the finished EZ tomten.

Armhole detail:

Here's a detail of the collar with zipper. I had enough yarn for the hooded version but I ran out of steam and did the short collar instead. Zippers are such a pain to install; the sweater was finished but for the zipper for a good two weeks before I finally spent a whole evening sewing it in. I didn't do a bad job, though I wish I would have made sure the zipper teeth were covered better with the knitted trim...speaking of the trim, I meant to do a i-cord edging, but went with the garter stitch instead. Just because.

Pattern: Child's tomten by Elizabeth Zimmerman, from The Opinionated Knitter
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool, about 4 skeins in the color "sage" and a little bit of "winter white" for the trim
Needles: size 7, for an approximate gauge of 5 st = 1"
Size: I was shooting for a 28" circumference. I'm not exactly sure what size/age child this sweater would fit. Maybe 6-8yo? It almost goes around me, though it's definitely too short for an adult size.
Made for: Afghans for Afghans. They will be having a big drive this fall for blankets and kids' sweaters. I thought about saving this for Anya but it's sized approximately for a grade-school kid. By the time she's big enough to wear it, I'm sure she won't want to have anything to do with a sweater her mom made!

Daniel was very taken with this sweater. He would see it lying around and say proudly "Mom this made!" He wanted to try and wear it one day...

It's way too big. I might have to make him one that fits properly for next winter.


Mrs. Allroro said…
I think the zipper is beautiful. I wanted to say that on the last post, but I felt silly. I do, though, think it looks very clean and beautiful.
Anonymous said…
It looks great! I have no advice on taking pictures of large FOs, though...I have a hard time with that, too. I think I need more well-lit spots where I can hang things to take pictures of them.
Anonymous said…
I think we took mom and baby yoga and kindermusik together when Daniel and my daughter Greer were babies! Congratulations on the addition to the family--she is beautiful! I am finishing up a tomten as we speak. I am using Blackberry Ridge worsted weight in the colorway they call tropical fish. I am trying to decide whether to go the route of buttons/toggles, or to sew in a zipper. This is my second sweater ever, and my first EZ project. Am I up to the challenge of sewing in a zipper? Went online to get more info. Your zipper looks professionally done. Maybe you will inspire me to give it a go! By the way, I moved from Madison right around the time you posted this to Syracuse , NY. Too bad we didn't get to compare tomten notes irl. The 2 things I am missing most at the moment are The Sow's Ear and Glenway Children's Park. And Joe and Maruti who teach yoga at Well Within. Okay, I guess that is 3 (4?) things. Ah, well, back to knitting. Thanks for sharing your beautiful sweater. I salivated over your other knitting pics as well. You are very talented! :)Warmly-c

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