I like it so far!

This yarn is old. How old, I don't know exactly, but it's got to be at least 30 years old (older than I am!), and it probably came from Scotland or thereabouts when my mom's late cousin was living there long ago. The wool is undyed and also contains some vegetable matter. Every time I come across a little piece of dried grass, I think about how old the yarn is and how far it has come.

What you see is the first several inches of a stole. The pattern is Twilight by Lisa Lloyd (from A Fine Fleece). It's very, very easy to memorize and therefore makes for great TV/car/watching-the-kids knitting. I like how it's coming out in this natural color, too.

I'm already thinking about the next lace project, though. I have lots of this natural Shetland lace yarn, and when this is done, I want to try something more challenging. Does anyone have suggestions for a lace pattern - perhaps a wide scarf or small shawl - that would be appropriate in this type of yarn?


Anonymous said…
The stole looks gorgeous in that yarn!

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