a sweater for diddlebug

We were on vacation last week, hence the brief hiatus here on Mad Knitting. Stu and the kids and I went to a state park in Virginia, where we met my parents, his parents, my brother, and his brother and wife and kid. We stayed in brand-new cabins that were gorgeous and far, far from rustic (they were air-conditioned, well-stocked with nice new cookware, and there was even soap and mouthwash like in a hotel). The weather was perfect. There was a beach. We went hiking. And I even made it to a yarn shop, though I didn't buy anything except a pair of those new Addi lace needles, to try them out. (I haven't yet, but I'll let you know when I do. They better be good, for $17 a pair.)

We met our nephew, adorable and adorably nicknamed "Diddlebug," for the first time. He'll be a year old tomorrow, so we had a little celebration with cake and presents and everything. Of course I knitted him a sweater. And of course I also gave him a little book because as much as parents appreciate and love those hand-made gifts, the kids really couldn't care less if it's not a toy!

Unfortunately, I was in such a rush packing for the trip that I didn't get very good pictures. This is the best I could do late at night in the kitchen...

Pattern: 26" circumference child's saddle-shouldered sweater from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. I added a 4-stitch cable up the sleeves/shoulders to keep it interesting.
Yarn: Patons Beehive double-knitting, about 3 skeins
Needles: size 3 and 6. The 6s gave me a gauge of 24 st = 4"
Comments: The yarn, while soft in the skein, has acrylic in it, so it's not as nice to knit with as pure wool. However, it can be machine-washed and dried, which is really good for toddlers. Also, I really liked the light denim-blue (which doesn't show up very well in the picture.) I've made this size sweater from the Handy Sweater Book before, and I knew that if I made the arms the length she calls for, the sweater would have been more appropriate for a baby gorilla, so I chopped an inch off the sleeves and made the body a little longer.


Glenna C said…
What a nice auntie you are! Looks comfy, hopefully he'll like it too :)

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