the new IK, sigh

I dunno. I'm thinking I might let my Interweave Knits subscription run out without renewing. Because my reaction to the latest issue? Meh. Of course, I'm hard to please when it comes to summer knits anyway; the linen print skirt notwithstanding, I'm pretty much a knit-big-fat-cables-with-all-wool kind of gal. But still, all the colorwork in tans and teals? All the floppy-sleeved t-shirts? Those just weren't doing it for me. I would look terrible in just about everything in the summer issue. (If you click on teh link above, you can see pictures of all projects in the current issue.) The Apres Surf Hoodie and Gossamer Stars scarf are all right, and the articles are good, especially Franklin's history of Schoolhouse Press. Maybe it's worth continuing my subscription just for the articles, because they're usually pretty good. In any case, I've got enough projects going and planned to keep me going for a while, whether I'm getting new magazines or not.

I'm finishing things, I really am, but I can't show them yet. Instead, here is a really boring picture:

Garter stitch squares, 8"x8". This is truly mindless knitting, knitting I take in the car when we're all going grocery shopping, knitting I take down to the basement when Daniel wants to play, knitting I can pick up and put down without even looking at it. I'm using up some leftover Lamb's Pride Worsted to make a baby blanket for AFA. I have no deadline in mind; I think they take baby blankets any time. I am in no hurry on this project. I don't have a way to use up the yarn otherwise, but I want it out of my stash, so this is what I'm doing with it. I've got darks (deep purple, black, gray) and brights (mostly red, also some orange Cascade 220 that I can toss in there), and I plan to sew it all up patchwork-style. Simple. Boring. Just what I need for all that in-between time.

And oh, what the heck. Here's a teaser for the gift knitting I keep not talking about. Just to prove I've been doing it.


Steph said…
The plaid halter is where they really lost me. It looks like a colossal pain to knit and then it's hideous to boot.

And yet another guy's pullover that would appeal to no male of my acquaintance, gay or straight. Why do their men's sweaters always hang funny?
Anonymous said…
I agree in general, but I thought the confectionary tank might have possibilities. (Not for me, I'm too old to show that much skin).

Mrs. Allroro said…
I like the wallace cardigan and think it would look good on you, though it's sort of trendy--may only be able to wear it one season. Still, I think it's cute.

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