finished: slouch socks for steph

Finally, I can reveal some of the gift knitting I've been up to! Steph's birthday was Wednesday. Somewhat unintentionally, I've made it a tradition of the last few years to make her socks. They've all been a little unusual, too. First I made the striped knee socks from Stitch 'n Bitch (long before I was a blogger), then I made outlandishly striped socks in Gryffindor colors (before I was a knitblogger), last year there were the organic cotton spa sox, and today I present you with...

Slouch Socks!

I think it's funny how my calves look fat in this next picture. I have scrawny little bird legs, not the shapely, muscular runner's legs I long for (though if I ran more that might help), so it must all be the camera angle.

This picture is a failed attempt at being artsy with the photography. (I really shouldn't do that; mostly I end up with silly or confusing pictures, like this one. Still, it's the best representation of the color of the yarn.

Slouch Socks from Erika Knight's Classic Knits
Yarn: Berocco Pure Merino in a sort of deep rose color
Needles: size 8 (5 mm) DPNs for the ribbing, size 7 (4.5 mm) DPNs for the rest
Comments: The pattern in the book was really weird because the socks are knit flat back and forth, then sewn up. I didn't understand at all what she was doing with the heel, for instance. Fortunately, I've knit enough socks that adapting them to knitting in the round and doing traditional heels and toes was a piece of cake. The final result is comfy and squishy and perfect (I think) for Steph.
I'm not wild about the yarn, honestly. It's soft and squishy and makes for a nice final product, but Berocco pure merino is superwash, which makes it great for socks, but it's also kind of heavy and slippery. I'd be afraid to make a whole sweater with it because I think it's the kind of yarn that could grow and grow. I'm glad I tried it out on a smaller project.


Mrs. Allroro said…
Those are cute and look super comfy. The name "Slouch socks" reminds me of the ribbed socks we wore in middle school that we pushed down. They weren't actually very slouchy, they were pretty tight, but anyway. Today I saw jellies on sale and some tennis shoes that looked like they would have been super hip when I was in elementary school. Maybe Rainbow Bright would have worn them. So, anyway, this post made me nostalgic, and happy for Steph. Happy birthday to your cousin.
Steph said…
Thanks, Ann, and thanks, Suze--you know, all these socks you've made me over the past few years are still in active circulation. Well, not now, since it's, like, May, but generally speaking.

I love this yarn and I love these socks because they also make my relatively scrawny calves look shapelier and more runnerly than they really are. Score!

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