mothers' day

Happy Mothers' Day to everyone out there who is a mother, is about to be a mother, wants to be a mother, is trying to be a mother, is waiting to be an adoptive mother. This is your day.

And mine. I got to sleep in this morning and except for our special pancake breakfast, I didn't have to cook. We also had a busy morning, as we were invited to a friend's baby's baptism and brunch afterwards. Tonight Stuart has an exam, so he's been studying, so all this adds up to no knitting for me today. However, I did have a few minutes to myself just now when Anya went to sleep for a late afternoon catnap, and Stu and Daniel are out picking up Thai food for dinner (mmmmm....curry, mmmm....pad thai) I decided to wind a bit of yarn.

Deliciously soft, alpaca/silk blend in fingering weight. It will be a simple lace scarf for a friend. She's not a knitter, but it's possible she lurks here, so that's all I'll say for now.


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