Daniel's semi-sick with a cold (it's not too bad, but there's been a lot of nose-wiping in the last 24 hours), the house is a disaster, the fridge is still reeking even after I cleaned it out, the dirty dishes are planning a mutiny, my arm hurts from a tetanus shot I got yesterday, and my back aches from constantly carrying the munchkins around.

(It feels like a long time before Stuart gets home from work.)

But Anya finally agreed to sleep somewhere other than my lap, and even though I have a lot to accomplish before the end of naptime (see above re: messy habitat), I gave myself five minutes before I deal with the mess to take this picture and blog it of her wearing the skully sweater that Steph made for Daniel when he was born:

It's got some milk and spit-up stains, but those can be washed out. I love this sweater. It's warm, it's cute in a bad-ass way, and it's one of the few items that isn't going straight to the charity pile when it's outgrown (I'm saving it for Steph's future child).


Skully sweaters on babies rock.

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