finishing one thing, starting another

I don't have a knitted FO to show you, but I have good news: my dissertation is DONE!!

done done done

You can't call me "Doctor" yet, though, because my committee has to read the paper and listen to the recording and they may suggest revisions (hopefully nothing major, though they may want me to fix the typo on the effing TITLE PAGE) and then I have to do a two-hour defense and turn in a bunch of mindless paperwork (with more fees--someone explain to me why it costs ninety bucks to turn in an abstract) to the graduate school. Oh, and I have a big honkin' recital about a month from now, though for some reason the stress and angst of that barely compares to what I experienced writing the project I turned in on any case, I'm not quite at the finish line, but I think I can see it from here.

My mom was here for an entire week to help out with Daniel while I finished writing and revising the paper and editing the CD. I took her to a couple of our favorite crafty haunts. As an avid quilter, she claims Stitchers' Crossing is the best quilt shop out there, and last Friday we also went to Lakeside Fibers. If you've been reading Mad Knitting for a while, you may recall that I had a rather upsetting experience there in April, which resulted in a pissy letter from me and a half-assed apology and $10 gift certificate. Until Friday, I hadn't bought anything there since that unfortunately day. It wasn't so much that I harbored some deep resentment that I couldn't let go of; it had more to do with the fact that I have way too many projects going and no time to finish them, and buying yarn just felt ridiculous and would have made me feel guilty. And just to show you that I'm a forgiving person, I took a friend there over the summer and helped her choose yarn for a baby hat-shopping vicariously, I guess.

So anyway, I was there with my mom and I couldn't believe how NICE and FRIENDLY the employees were! And the women working were the same ones who treated me so rudely before. The owner also showed up and totally went out of her way to help me out and ask how I'm doing and somehow she knows I'm a doctoral student, and she wound my yarn for me before I got to the counter because there was a short waiting line. (Ahem, yes I bought something. I'll show you here in a minute.) I think the owner must remember who I am and that I'm the one who wrote the letter last spring, but I doubt the employees remember me; they were just acting as good employees in a yarn shop should. I'm curious to know how many people have complained about the snobbery in that place; maybe they have finally come around. Anyway, Lakeside is forgiven. They've got the best selection of any LYS I've been to in the Madison area and elsewhere, so it's hard to stay away forever.

For instance, they stock every color of Cascade 220. Every single one. I'm telling you this because I bought two skeins of it and started something new over the weekend:

Can you guess who it's for?


Glenna C said…
Wow, congratulations! I hope I will soon be where you are, this draft is just oozing on and on.

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