Finished! four danimal sox

I'm counting these as FOs because I've got two pairs done, though from the looks of it, I could probably get another pair out of what's left:

none, really, just vanilla top-down socks
Yarn: Trekking Pro Natura (75% wool, 25% bamboo) in a yummy green and blue subtle stripe--the colors are brighter than in this picture; try as I might, I can't get a good photographic representation of the colors in this yarn
Needles/Gauge: size 1 DPNS for 30st=4"
Made for: this little guy!

Even though he bosses me around...

Since the weather's been unusually warm, Daniel hasn't actually worn his new socks yet (no need for wool when you don't even need a jacket outside). When he does, I may try and get a shot of them on his little feet, but no promises. It's not like he sits still to pose.


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