black holes

It's a week of black holes for me, I'm afraid. I'm experiencing a dissertation black hole in which a significant amount of my time and energy are going into the paper, but nothing quality is coming out. (I think having a toddler and being pregnant and cooking dinner every night might have something to do with that, but I'd really rather blame the cosmos.)

And then, since these things come in pairs, this tomten I'm working on for Afghans for Afghans is a veritable black hole of garter stitch.

Sure, I'm using up more yarn, and it's not like I'm spending lots of hours per day working on it (see above re: dissertation), but this thing isn't getting any bigger. I laughed so patronizingly when I read the Yarn Harlot's section on black holes of knitting in her latest book, but now I realize she was utterly and completely right.

Now then. I haven't gotten any writing done today (other than blogging) and I have a recording session on Sunday that I desperately need to practice for, and my dear darling child is finally asleep and it's almost 4pm and all I really want to do is make chocolate cookies with walnuts.

ETA: I made those cookies, by gum, and they are sooooo delicious. As I was furiously beating the butter, I said to Stu, "This is a slight case of the prego- and dissertation-induced crazies." Recipe coming soon.

ETA once more: the recipe is posted here.


Glenna C said…
I'm glad you made the cookies! I too have had baking on the brain. And knitting. Sadly little else.

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