re-visiting an old project

Dinner's in the oven, my husband and child are playing in the back yard, I got a couple quality hours of dissertation writing done this afternoon, quality enough that what got written is somewhere in the middle of the suckage continuum, I'm going swimming tonight, it's a beautiful day, I finally have a few minutes to myself that don't involve staring at contemporary American music and wondering what to write about it--all in all, life ain't so bad. What would make this moment perfect right now is a glass of wine...3 months and counting until I can have one...

So anyway, no new knitting content to show you, really, but it was cool enough today to bust out a sweater I made when I was pregnant with Daniel. I didn't know if I was having a boy or girl, and I was shooting for unisex colors at the time, but looking back, it was obviously meant for a little boy. And it so happens these colors are all stunning on him: brown, dark green, pumpkin orange. He wore it last winter, and it was way too long and the sleeves were rolled up. This year, the sleeves are still rolled up a little, but it fits much better. See how grown up he looks, wearing this sweater, drinking from a big-boy cup!

Okay, done with the braggy mom thing. I just can't resist that every once in a while.


Thorny said…
Wow. With an FO like that sweater, and a WIP like Daniel, I think you're entitled to a little bragging. :)

That's really pretty amazing, how perfectly the colors you chose while pregnant suit him. Score one for Mama's Intuition, eh? grin!
Steph said…
He looks like a little stripey muffin.

I don't really know what I mean by that, but it sounds awfully cute.
He's so adorable, and those colors look amazing on him! You definitely should be proud both of the beautiful sweater you made and the outstanding little boy!

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