I've noticed other knitters showing off baked goods on their knitting blogs, so now I am, too. This week has been busy, what with dissertation work and a friend visiting from out of town (read here to find out more), and it's been warm and muggy - not knitting weather at all.

Guests are a good excuse to make good dessert, though, so on Monday I made cookies:

White chocolate chunk macadamia nut cookies, to be more specific. Recipe from the best cookie cookbook ever: The International Cookie Cookbook by Nancy Baggett (no link because Amazon doesn't have a picture, so what's the point?). For cookies, they were pretty involved. You have to melt the butter, then cool it in the fridge, grate some of the white chocolate, chop the rest, chop the get the idea. But they are SOOO worth it. For the record, I made a full batch on Monday and they were eaten up last night.

I'm starting to get the feeling I'm going to be The Mom who makes homemade cupcakes and stuff for the preschool class. You know what kind of mom I mean, the kind everyone rolls their eyes at. I just can't help it.


Glenna C said…
Yum! Pre-cupcake-craze I had a real baking hiatus, but before that cookies were my favourite thing to bake. I didn't bake them much in my last apartment due to the oven being hotter than I could figure out in the short 8-10 min cookie-baking time span, but i love me some nice cookies. Oatmeal chocolate chips were my favourite.

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