lamest finished object EVER!! (arrrrr)

You do know it's talk like a pirate day, right? I have no extra brain cells to come up with clever puns, so I'll leave that to everyone else, 'k?

Anyhoo, this FO is so pathetic I'm not even going to link it in the sidebar of finished stuff. But I'm posting about it because I'm putting off dissertation work for a few minutes. Plus, it so happens that this FO is something useful:

It's a dishrag, made out of some chunky linen Euroflax I bought on sale over the summer, thinking I would make hand towels. As you may recall, that attempt looked like butt and got frogged. The yarn is not wonderful to work with, since it's stiff and crinkly and hairy and full of knots, BUT true to its word, linen gets nice and soft after a few trips through the wash as well as few batches of dirty dishes and I'm pretty happy with its functionality. I'm guessing it'll hold up better than the cheap-o dishrags I usually get at the grocery store (you know, 5 of them for 2 bucks or whatever it is), but time will tell.

Pattern: Meh. I just did diagonal garter stitch with yos at the ends of the right side rows.
Yarn: Euroflax chunky linen
Needles: size 6, much smaller than the recommended needle size, but the fabric is thicker and sturdier this way

I've got enough yarn to make plenty more of these. Not a bad thing, really, as our other dishrags are getting pretty tattered and worn out, and other than Daniel's socks (which are coming along....s.l.o.w.l.y...), I'm not sure what I want to knit next. I just know I want it to be fun and interesting.



Steph said…
all of our dishrags are knitted. they just work really well. you could do the whole lot of yarn up into dishrags. of course, that's kind of boring. but, you know, functional.

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