Eye-candy Friday: Can you tell I'm longing for Spring?


Anonymous said…
Hasn't spring already started, at least for the Chinese? I think it started with the new moon about a week ago, that is their new year, the year of the pig. They put the spring equinox in the middle of the season. For keeping climate data, spring starts with the beginning of March and includes the months of March, April, and May. Now all you have to do is tell it to the snow flakes, which I notice you are to receive some more. -Chanterelle
For the past three days it's been 75+ degrees in San Antonio. The sun is shining, birds are singing, kids are outside running around in shorts - and my allergies are killing me! I guess spring has sprung in SA.
Steph said…
hey, what kinds of things do you do with that Patons Grace? i have a little bit lying around that i need to use. i already made a baby cardigan with some of it, but i have some left and it seems too slippery for booties and hats.

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