Not two days ago I merrily piled some yarn in a planter, snapped a couple photos, and dreamed of spring. But you know, I live in Wisconsin and it's not even March yet, so does it surprise you that less than 48 hours later, this is what that very spot on the back deck looks like now?

That's a crapload of snow...and we shoveled the deck clean after the first batch yesterday, so you're not even seeing all of it! Sigh. (Jenn-Jenn the Mother Hen, I'm so jealous of you right now!)

Earlier in the week, we hit 47 degrees. It felt downright tropical. When I biked to campus for a rehearsal, I felt kind of funny: what's this? I'm sweating? My fingers aren't numb? I can feel my face? Suddenly, the thought of knitting warm woolly hats and sweaters wasn't very appealing, and I starting thinking about a 3/4 sleeve cardigan for spring, or possibly a lacy cotton top for summer. Alas, those fantasies were short-lived.

Anyhoo, since it appears I'll have some time yet to wear it this season, I've made some progress on the purple quickie jacket (Bubba-the-Turtle is there to keep it from sliding off the table):

I confess that after knitting like gang-busters on it, I quickly got to the part where it all goes together - then promptly put it in its basket where it sat for a couple of weeks. There's just something about joining sleeves that's exasperating for me. I guess it's all the markers and stitch-holders and counting and putting the whole thing on about 3 different circular needles; none of that is difficult, just fiddly. But now that I've finally gotten around to doing that, I'm rapidly approaching the finish line. Raglan decreases are so much fun! Every other row there are like 8 fewer stitches and before you know it, you've reached the top. I anticipate finishing it soon!


You say you that, and yet I'm suffering snow-envy! I guess the grass is always greener (or the snow is always whiter) on the other side!

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