Rob Roy

Thea released a new hat design today in conjunction with Magpie Fibers and y'all should go buy this pattern and some yarn to make it, not just because this hat is buckets of fun to knit but also because 20% of the pattern and yarn sales will go to Women of Tomorrow, an organization that supports young inner city women heading to college. I had never heard of this particular organization, but it looks awesome. 

In times like these, education matters MORE THAN EVER am I right?

My wonderful daughter agreed to model this hat for a minute before going to school so I could get a couple photos. I think she looks better wearing it than I do. 

Seeing my children smile and carry on with their days helps keep me going. We are in for a long four years and there's no telling how long the ramifications of a Trump presidency will last. But I love my country and I love my family and I am not going to give up hope that enough of us working hard to make things better will make a difference in the end. 

Do not give up. Do the right thing, even when it's hard. Support organizations that matter. That's my plan, anyway. 

I'll spare you the rest of my quasi-inspirational soapbox speech (I think we're all exhausted from the past 48 hours of THAT) and give you the deets on this hat:

Pattern: Rob Roy by Thea Colman of BabyCocktails
Yarn:  Domestic worsted from Magpie Fibers (so generously provided for the test knit! and it's really really nice) in the colors "Alloy" (main) and "Drops of Jupiter" (for the pom)
Sticks: size 8 circs and DPNs for most of it, plus size 6 for the ribbing


Julie Crawford said…
a beautiful hat!! And I agree, with this post and your previous one, that we need ot be the change we wish to see in the world. Supporting organizations that promote education for those that have the hardest time accessing it is more important than ever. Supporting diversity, and how it will strengthen everyone. It's not about tolerance (which implies that we don't like it but feel like we can't say anything), but about understanding and appreciating that no matter our skin colour or mother tongue, we all want the same things- safety, health, a good place to bring up our children. Hope for the future.

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