Wee Owligan

My family is here for Thanksgiving, including my 8mo niece, who is just charming the socks off of everyone. Of course I had to make her a sweater.

I bet a lot of you recognize this pattern:

Wee Owligan (Wowligan!) by Kate Davies!

I used organic cotton yarn I bought in 2015 at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival.

I also used 37 buttons! That's 14 pairs of eyes plus 9 down the front. (The buttons were purchased at the Wisconsin Craft Market, which by the way has really expanded the yarn selection of late. If they didn't pipe Delilah's radio show in there so much I'd probably go more often. Delilah is seriously annoying.) Sewing on the buttons took two evenings of TV watching.

Every minute I spent was worth it and then some.

She is 8 months old and the 12 month size fits her perfectly. So perfectly, in fact, that I'll need to make her something else pretty soon for when she grows out of it. I've told her parents (my brother and SIL) that I'll take requests.


Anonymous said…
Mighty good pix there!


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