After several years of knitting and [more recently] sewing clothes for myself, I have finally realized that just because an article of clothing is well-styled and beautifully photographed on The Internet doesn't mean that pattern is a good choice for me. This seems pretty obvious now, but it's taken me a while to learn. 

My body type and personal style are unique to me. I'm small-boned and not particularly curvy and I spend most of my time around kids and musicians, so my style is mostly messy-casual with occasional concert black thrown in the mix, but never dresses. Once in a great while I'll wear a skirt, but only with running tights underneath because I commute by bike most of the time.

So when I first saw the Luna Pants over on the MBR blog, I thought they weren't for me. Sure, they looked comfy, but I generally like my clothes a little more fitted - even comfy clothes - and my first impression was that they kind of look like cuffed sweatpants. Definitely not my thing. 

But the sample Rae made for herself were actually pretty cute, as were the test samples she featured (click here to see all the posts tagged "Luna Pants" on the MBR blog). Adorable, right? I could feel my resistance breaking down.

Still, I wasn't sure about them. But then I scored some Cloud9 double gauze on sale at Joann (I know, Joann=ugh, but the fabric is nice and it's organic cotton don't-judge-me) in a print that is anything but subtle. And soon after, there was a one-day pattern sale over at Indie Sew, which carries the Luna pattern and I figured what the hell, I'm in only about $30 for both pattern and fabric; I'll try these out and if nothing else I'll have something comfortable to wear around the house.

So I made these crazy pants. And I love them.


I actually finished the pants a few weeks ago, but it wasn't until one day last week I finally got some photos outside. We took an evening walk and brought the nice camera. 

Here is a butt-ful outtake. You're welcome.

I love the secret, ancient playground equipment you can find hidden in our neighborhood. Here is a lopsided, rusted, charmingly re-painted old spinning gate thingy.

We saw a whole bunch of wild turkeys...

...which we tried to imitate. 

I mean, sometimes it's good not to take yourself too seriously. That's the lesson here.


Rae said…
haha I love it!! These look great on you!

You're so right about the realization of knowing your body and what looks good on you; that took me a while to figure out too. It's so important...I always get sucked in by awesome photos on the internet too!!

Anyway, so glad you didn't regret it this time! :)

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