tutorial coming soon!

Ironically, getting two stitches in my left thumb didn't impede practicing much, but day 2 of being home with a Sick Child means I can't get much of anything done anyway, work-wise. (Aside: how can any human endure 8 solid hours of the same TV show? I'm a fan of Wild Kratts, too, but still. Wow, it's a lot.) Finding myself with a lot of time at home and my hands relatively free, I've been catching up on a few projects. Yesterday I finished up a baby quilt and baby sweater for a shower we'll have to skip (keeping our germs away from the mama-to-be), and today I made myself a new needle roll for circular needles:

Also, I got so bored I joined instagram (I'm Madtown_Mama there). We'll see how well I keep that up.

Anyway, this needle roll is a better, prettier version of one I made about a year ago. I'm putting together a tutorial just because. I'm writing the instructions now and just need to make another prototype with photos. It's coming soon, so stay tuned!


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