vacation knitting

The giant-necked sweater isn't quite done. I had just the last little bits to do, but then we left for vacation. I packed an easy shawl to work on (this one). Then I thought it wouldn't be quite enough, so I threw in a skein of worsted yarn and a hat pattern to go with it. Then I threw in another skein of worsted and another hat pattern in case that wouldn't be enough. For a week away, that amount of knitting was rather restrained, but then the car was packed to the gills, especially after we turned around because we forgot the kids' sleeping bags.

Anyway, the shawl still isn't done and the hat yarn hasn't even made it out of the bag, but I did get some fresh pictures of Low Tide on the beach. It was so windy, the whole thing nearly blew into Lake Superior.

I've also been in two yarn shops and didn't buy anything, tempted though I was. Because man, vacation is expensive enough without wooly souvenirs.


WildflowerWool said…
Jodi said…
Just beautiful! That shade of blue is gorgeous.

Hope you enjoyed vacation. I love Lake Superior (and getting away from the city for a while). We're going to Door County in October, and I can't wait.

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