he'e nalu

I seem to be on a jag for simple knits lately. I finished another shawl (He'e Nalu) designed by cabinfour while we were on vacation last week (see more pictures from that trip on my regular blog here and here), blocked it yesterday, and took it to the sauna back yard for a few minutes this evening to get some pictures. (Seriously, after the mildest summer we've had in years, now suddenly it's hot and unbearably humid AND THE A/C JUST UP AND QUIT WORKING.)

I wish I had better photos but the rest of my family was cleaning up after dinner (I spent the afternoon cleaning the basement and making dinner, so I deserved the break) and I didn't have a photographer. Just me. I have yet to master the art of a decent selfie...there's one picture of just my knees you don't get to see...

I love this shawl, especially now that it's finished and blocked. It's not too big, it's light and drapes like a dream. I lost the yarn label long ago, but I know that I bought it in Blacksburg, VA when my brother lived there and  it's 100% merino sock yarn, and I think it was hand-dyed by someone local to the area.

Vacation last week was so lovely, but it's back to the real world again. Kids start school next week and I am about to sign a contract for a new part-time job (!!!). Now for the bad news:  I learned last week that a friend and mentor of mine was just diagnosed with breast cancer and has several months of chemo ahead of her. The long-term prognosis is quite optimistic, but this semester is going to be hell. She has a demanding job and a daughter starting middle school. I'm going to make her a blanket, and I'm going to knit it as fast as I can.


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