low tide

Well, that was fast. This knit took almost no time at all.

Let me tell you what I think of these FO shots, which were taken in the space of about five minutes before we left to have dinner with some friends:

Is it cool and artsy to clip a knitted object to the rickety clothesline and point the camera up to avoid all of our back yard junk getting in the photo?

I look worried in this picture. I am staring at my camera and hoping I'm actually in the shot because I set it on top of the car, zoomed it way in and turned on the timer. And I desperately need to do something different with my hair. Like maybe get it cut.

I had to crop out my butt in this one because I was wearing teal-colored jeans that completely clash with the blue yarn I used in this shawl.

I actually kind of like this shot! Except for the part where it looks like a sunflower is growing out of my ribs. By the way, those sunflowers are in my back yard and are currently in cahoots with a volunteer squash vine to take over the planet. Three months ago all you could see there was the neighbor's fence and an unsightly pile of mulch.

Pattern: Low Tide by cabinfour
Yarn: Enchanted Meadows Alpaca, a giant skein of sport weight (500yds, I think) in the color "blueberry." I used almost all of it, and the finished size is just right.
Sticks: size 7 circulars


Jessi said…
Very pretty! And such a lovely color.

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