killing time (quietly)

My kids are coming to an age where they have a few (just a few) extra-curricular activities. Most of these last less than an hour, which hardly leaves time for me to drop someone off and leave, unless I have a short, specific errand to run, which I usually don't. Most of the time I hang around until the piano lesson or gymnastics class or what-have-you is done. This has generally been a positive influence on the amount of time I have to knit; in fact, you'd think I'd have more socks made by now, but alas the sock-knitting mojo is on a down swing at the moment. 

On Monday afternoons, Daniel has his piano lesson. It only lasts 30 minutes, during which Anya and I sit in the waiting area so I can listen to the lesson. There is a very comfy couch there (so comfy that one time Anya fell asleep on it!). We cuddle up on the couch and I knit something mindless and Anya...well, there's the challenge. She needed something to do. For a few weeks, she was happy with coloring pages. When she got tired of those, I found some dot-to-dot and easy number puzzles. We had brief success with some lacing boards. Then I ran out of ideas and just had her sit there, but she was, understandably, getting pretty squirmy.

And then, this Monday, before Daniel's lesson, she announced she wanted to bring her knitting along.

Bingo! I just hope she doesn't get tired of this because I'm totally out of ideas.


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