phone call

I just had the most wonderful surprise: a phone call from my uncle. I probably haven't spoken to him on the phone since I was a child.  I feel close with my extended family, but I don't talk with anyone regularly on the phone other than my parents and my brother, though sometimes it's even sporadic with him.

Tom called me to thank me for his blanket. He's not what you'd call loquacious, and I was quite touched to hear from him in such a personal way. We talked a lot about the weather - it's a big topic everywhere these days, considering how strange everything has gotten with global warming and all - and for a lifelong farmer, the weather is absolutely crucial. Central Kansas has seen an unusually cool spring, with frost as late as this week, and he's been using the blanket a lot.

It was so good to hear from him. He's halfway through his chemo treatments now, so they're getting more difficult, but he claims to be feeling pretty good, and he certainly sounds in high spirits.

I told him I enjoyed knitting every stitch in that blanket (which is true - I didn't tell him about the many, many stitches I had to rip out, which I did not enjoy!!) and that I hope he rests and heals up. He's got a long recovery ahead, but we are optimistic. We have to be.


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