I feel like I'm stuck in a weird kind of time-loop where winter and all it brings never comes to an end. We celebrated the first day of spring this week with 4" of fresh fallen snow and frigid temperatures. Daniel was home sick again today, his 11th day absent from school since the last week of February. Appalling, isn't it? Even Anya had to stay home from preschool because he was too sick to ride in the car and there was no one else to transport her there and back.

I'm even stuck in an endless loop knitting-wise. Well, that's not entirely true...I'm making this big garter stitch blanket for my uncle, who started chemotherapy this week, and so far I'm enjoying the knitting of it quite a lot.

I love the soothing quality of knitting all that garter stitch in bulky yarn, and EZ's oh-so-clever design means you always have the same number of stitches on your needles at any given time, so the project never becomes too unwieldy, at least until the very end when you sew it up. My problem is that I keep dropping stitches and needing to rip out several inches at a time. Who knew garter stitch could be so elusive? Anyway, after a couple evenings of making essentially no progress this way, I started paying more attention to what I'm doing and as a result, I've got fewer mistakes. Go figure.

Well. Next week the schools and university are all closed for spring break. It's going to be cold and wet and snowy, but I might open up the windows anyway and give this place a good airing out. Goodness knows we need a big breath of fresh air around here.


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