I'm on week three of sick kids. Seriously, I'm beginning to wonder if life will ever return to normal.

All in all, they are getting better, though. And it's my husband's birthday today! Happy birthday, Stuart. As if sick kids weren't bad enough, the old civic he drives to work started making some awful noise on the way to work this morning, so even the car needs the doctor. Well, since it's his birthday I'm pulling together one of his favorite meals: homemade falafel with hummus, pita bread, salad and these vanilla crepes for dessert.

I've had a lot of time to knit, though. I only started this baby blanket about a week ago:

You see it's nearly done now. I've got more than 500 stitches on a 32" needle for the last few rounds of the edging. It looks like a mess, doesn't it? I kind of love the idea that it has to look so scrunchy and messy before it's done. Soon I'll be ready for the i-cord bind off, and I'm sure when I block this thing it will grow and transform. I look forward to that.


WildflowerWool said…
500 sts, that is going to take a while to cast off! Hope everyone is feeling better soon.
Anonymous said…
Hope that the children feel better, and the car too! Blanket looks lovely.
Andrea said…
A whole baby blanket in a week? Wow that's a lot of knitting time! Hope everyone feels better soon. ^_^

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