perpetual puerperium

I swear this pattern is addictive.

It is so simple to knit, so quick...

...and yet so charming. I can't stop!

Remember how I said I'm on a baby knitting jag? It's definitely still going strong (though I've thrown in a couple of small accessories, more on that tomorrow, perhaps). 

And I'm so very boring. This latest specimen you see above is the same pattern, Beyond Puerperium, (though I made a different size, 18mo) and even the same yarn (Dale of Norway Lerke, though a different color, pale pink instead of dark taupe brown) as the first one!

The sweater is for a little girl turning one year old this month, and I had meant to knit her something when she was born. Somehow a whole year went by before I got around to it. I hope this cardigan makes up for it. I, at least, find it charming and classy, and I hope the recipient and her parents agree.


ML said…
Ahh, this was for L!!! WE LOVE IT!!! I love love handmade stuff and this is just beautiful!! Thank you so much, we were quite touched to get it in the mail. I told M that I had gotten it and assumed she would tell Joe, but alas that didn't happen. Also, L has a big head and so the buttons down the side are perfect for her not getting annoyed. I will try to take a pic of her in it at some point. Thank you again for letting us be the recipients of your talent!!

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