little mittens for a little patient

Exactly one year ago today, Daniel had surgery to remove his adenoids and get ear tubes. It was a long day. I was a ball of anxiety, and I got quite a lot of knitting done, as I recall, mostly on a yellow garter stitch scarf for Anya because I couldn't concentrate on anything more complex.

Well, we got through it. Daniel can hear properly now and only gets ear infections every 6 months instead of every 3 weeks, so I'd say that's an improvement.

Today, it was Anya's turn - on the one-year anniversary of Daniel's surgery no less! She didn't get the adenoidectomy, just the tubes in her ears, so everything went a lot more smoothly. The surgery was shorter (10 minutes! those pediatric ENTs are amazing) so she was under anesthesia for a much shorter time (20 minutes vs. a whole hour for Daniel), which meant a shorter recovery time. Also, she only threw up once as opposed to every five minutes for seven hours.


Here's my little patient, resting on the couch with unlimited TV time, trying on a mitten I've been working on for her:

Sorry it's blurry. The one I took with the flash was all weird and dark, and I wasn't about to make her step outside to model an unfinished mitten when she'd just had minor surgery! 

The first time I saw the pattern Horatio and Oren in the latest Twist Collective, I was utterly and completely smitten. I just knew I had to make these for Anya (kind of like how I just knew I had to make Ringo and Elwood for Daniel when that pattern was released...I haven't yet, but I will. Someday.)

I mean, how cute is that little owl butt?

Sold. I don't even mind all the long floats, not one bit. It's that much fun to knit these. I started the other one during a Clifford marathon after coming home from the hospital this morning and I can't wait to finish it.

My little patient deserves these new mittens. (Come to think of it, my other little patient from one year ago deserves an extra pair of mittens, for that inevitable day when he loses the pair he has now. My cup runneth over.)


Jessi said…
Ack. Owl mittens! Trying not to be jealous of a recovering little bit... Okay, I'm fine.
Suze said…
There's a grown-up size in the pattern, too ;)
Jessi said…
Alright, that's it. I demand knitting lessons. :-)

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