It seems that I have inadvertently made a tradition out of knitting a yellow hat for Anya every year. There's the little cabled bobbly hat I designed for her when she was two, last year's Windschief, and now...


In case you're late to the party, this design (pattern link) is by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed fame. I have bought so many BT patterns, and yet the only ones I've actually gotten around to knitting up are hats. I've probably made half a dozen BT hats and only one was a flop - literally. (And I don't blame the designer for that one. Some things just look stupid on me.)

The yarn is kind of special. It's Rambouillet I bought last year at the farmers market from the lovely woman who raised the sheep, sent the wool off to be spun at a local mill, then dyed it herself. Her farm is called Yorkshire Rose Farm. Doesn't it look like such a charming place? She dyed this yellow specially for me to make something for Anya. It's really the perfect yellow - bright and sunny and not a bit orange. (It's possible I have several more skeins of her yarn in various colors for other projects that have yet to materialize. Ahem.)

As you can see, Anya didn't tolerate wearing her new hat for long, but seeing as it was about 90 degrees the day I stuck it on her head to take pictures, I didn't really blame her.

The pattern includes optional directions for shortrows to create a brim that will cover the ears. I thought that was ingenious. I'm very happy with how this turned out.


canadahauntsme said…
That girl and yellow... =)

Looks great, suze!

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