not-quite-perfect yellow hat

Sadly, the yellow hat I made Anya last year is getting a little small. She still wears it, but it doesn't always adequately cover her ears. We're having such a mild winter here, that isn't as much of a problem as it would normally be! Still, she needed a new one.

I let Anya pick out the yarn at Lakeside Fibers the other day. Yes, I should have shopped the stash first (I do have other yellow yarn, if I must be totally honest) but they were having a clearance sale and even the Malabrigo was 20% off! Malabrigo is not my favorite yarn, since the single-ply-softness makes it feel like it's about to fall apart. However, my daughter tends to complain about knitted things being itchy, and I figured the Mal was a safe bet.

Since Daniel's Windschief practically knitted itself, I decided to use that pattern again. It was done in less than 24 hours! Anya is happy with it:

The color, "Pollen," is not quite as bright as it's showing up in the photos. It really is a lovely shade of pale yellow, which means of course that it completely clashes with her bright yellow scarf and gold-colored hand-me-down winter coat. The important thing is that she likes it and it keeps her warm!

Now that I've knit the pattern twice I have to say I'm not in love with the crown decreases at the top of the hat. It calls for k3tog, which is not only hard on the hands, but makes for some funny puckering that is not rectified by washing and blocking (though it helps a bit). The puckering is not as obvious when stretched out over the head, but a hat that is too stretchy tends to ride up over the ears.

So, while this is the most recent yellow hat I've made for Anya, I have a feeling it's not the last. I can't help but wonder, though, if by the time I finally make Anya the perfect yellow hat, she'll have moved on to a new favorite color!


juicyknits said…
It's cute and fits her nicely.

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