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For the first time ever, I plan to go to the Madison Knitters Guild meeting tonight. I've never been to one of their meetings. I've never even been interested in joining. I guess I just don't feel the need to be part of a large organization of knitters. Knitting is a solitary thing for me, and while I'm delighted to happen upon other knitters - which tends to happen when you knit socks in public places such as the elementary school right before kids are dismissed - I don't really have the inclination to seek them out. I'm also not particularly fond of large groups of people (unless I'm performing in front of them, oddly enough), and in case you didn't know, the Madison Knitters' Guild is quite a large organization, over 500 members!

Occasionally, though, I'll hear of a speaker or knitting event worth braving the crowds to attend. A few years ago when Stephanie Pearl-McPhee was the featured speaker at the Guild's Knit-In, I went for the day and was delighted not only to meet her, but also Meg Swansen. They are both every bit as awesome in person as they are in writing, and then some.

The draw tonight? Clara Parkes. Y'all, she is one of my knitting heroes. I have all three of her books (The Knitter's Book of Yarn, The Knitter's Book of Wool, and most recent, The Knitter's Book of Socks), and I find them all charming, interesting, and enjoyable to read, much like Elizabeth Zimmerman's books. When I got the latest one, I actually would lie in bed reading it before going to sleep, something I usually do with, you know, novels. My husband found that a little odd, but then, this is the man who reads Russian novels and programming tutorials in his spare time. To each his/her own, right?

I don't know if Ms. Parkes will have time or inclination to do a book-signing, but I'm bringing all of mine just in case. Of course I'll have knitting, too, a couple of easy projects that can be done while doing/watching/listening to something else:

I've got a plain top-down sock and the last bit of a sweater collar. I expect it's enough to keep my hands busy tonight!


Julie said…
I just joined MKG and loved Clara Parkes' words last night; I thought her affirmation of "shop local" was informative and inspired me to learn more. It also reinforced my love of BBR, which I toured last fall. Unfortunately I arrived late and left early and missed a lot, I'm sure. And I couldn't hear that well. I've never seen her books but will surely check them out now. I have the same feelings about the guild; I never joined before because of being a lone knitter but some of the speakers they bring in are wonderful. I think you can be anonymous or get involved and there are all sorts of personality types that enjoy it.
Entre Nous said…
Love thr self-striping sock colors AND the royal blue :}

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