knitted gifts for me

I would be remiss if I failed to mention here the wonderful knitted gifts I received this holiday season! They came as a total surprise, though I've been knitting long enough (and giving away knitted things long enough) that it shouldn't have been such a shocker, really.

Winter has finally arrived here in Madison, Wisconsin. A little later than usual, but it's definitely here. This was the view from our (still new!) basement window around noon today:

And it's getting colder, so the squishy, warm fingerless mitts my friend C sent me from her winter home in Arizona have been a well-used accessory inside the house, where my hands are perpetually cold. Note the charming buttons on the side:

And then yesterday, these socks arrived in the mail from my mom:

They are my Christmas present, finished a little after Christmas, but the timing couldn't have been more perfect, considering the cold temps and today's snowstorm. They fit like a glove. She used Classic Elite Alpaca Sox and I don't believe my feet have ever been treated to anything so soft and warm and light. Totally worth the effort to hand wash!


Jessi said…
Those socks make me want to go home and curl up.
revknits said…
Wow-- both of those look great!

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