budding photographer

This afternoon I asked Daniel if he'd like to earn a dollar. Oh yes, yes! was his enthusiastic response. All he had to do was come outside in the cold and take a few pictures of me wearing my new hat. If the pictures were no good, I told him, I wouldn't ask for a refund, but I would ask him to try again.

Here is one of Daniel's practice photos while he was waiting for me to get my boots on:

As it turns out, we did not need the do-over. I think he did pretty well for a kid who's less than two weeks away from his 6th birthday, don't you?

(ETA: I soooo look like my younger brother in the picture above. Wow.)

This one is my favorite, despite the fact that the flash went off so everything is a bit washed out....but I love how you look at this picture and wonder what I'm looking at? (Answer: staring absent-mindedly at the treetop. Not as enthralling or thought-provoking as you'd think, but it's the truth. Hey, it's been a looooong week.)

And the hat? The hat. The. Hat. Was supposed to be one of those quick-knit-it-in-one-or-two-days kind of things, but it ended up, well, not that way. I think I knit this freaking thing about four times. It started out as a plain cap with a long brim that would fold over, but I only had one skein and ran out of yarn. So then I tried a couple different slouchy beret-type patterns, and they looked kind of dumb. Finally, I settled on a plain beanie with a little extra length for some slouch (to use up all the yarn but not run out too soon), and it worked, but GAH. Talk about a not-quick project! Happily, the yarn held up magnificently to all the frogging and re-knitting, and I'm pretty happy with the result, which is cute and warm and my favorite color! (Note to self: knit red things more often!)

Yarn: Some chunky alpaca hand-dyed goodness, maybe by Cascade? I lost the label long ago. I know I bought it in Kansas at The Newton Beadery, which is sadly no longer in business.
Pattern: From my noggin, for my noggin. I cast on 80 stitches on size 7 needles, then increased to 84 and switched to size 8 needles for the main part of the hat. My gauge was 4spi. I knit until I was about to run out of yarn and did a 6-point decrease rather abruptly to minimize any cone-like shape and also because I didn't want to run out of yarn again and have to frog again.


WildflowerWool said…
Great looking hat. Glad that you finally found something that you liked! Excellent photography too!

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