As with many of my FOs, this one was done and off the needles for a little while before I got around to blocking it. However, it is a gift with a deadline, so over the weekend I finally blocked Herbivore, hid the ends, and took a few pictures.

Pattern: Herbivore, by Stephen West
Yarn: Panda Wool (fingering weight bamboo/wool/nylon blend) by Crystal Palace, 2 skeins exactly. In fact, I had to tink the last row to do the bind-off early so I wouldn't run out!

I love the teal color of this yarn. You can barely tell from the pictures here that it is subtly variegated with shades of green.

It's amazing what blocking does for a pattern like this. The yarn already has very nice drape because of the bamboo content, but a good long soak before being spread out on a towel to dry did wonders for evening everything out and opening the lace portions.

The knitting took a couple of weeks, off and on, and because of all the increases on every right side row, it did feel a bit like a slog. It was worth it, though. I'm pleased with the result, and I hope the recipient is, too!


Entre Nous said…
Very nice, LOVE the color :}

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