mint julep

Finally, I can reveal the test knit I did last month! This is my Mint Julep by the fabulous Thea Colman of Baby Cocktails.

I used the yarn called for in the pattern - Quince and Co. Osprey - in a very dark heathered gray ("Sabine"). I didn't have this stashed and had to buy it for the project, which was kind of a splurge, but I must say it is worth every penny. Osprey, as many on Ravelry will attest, is a lovely squishy, woolly yarn, a pleasure to knit and comfortable to wear. I'm not particularly wool-sensitive, granted, but I am wearing the sweater now over a short-sleeved shirt and there isn't the slightest hint of itch.

I find this cardigan very flattering, especially with skinny jeans and boots, though you could wear it with just about anything but a cocktail dress. Probably someone out there younger and more fashionable than I am could pull it off with a cocktail dress, in fact.

There is a cable detail on the back that helps shape the sweater without extra increasing/decreasing along the side seams. This isn't a great picture of that cable, but it gives you the idea.

My only issue with this design is that there wasn't extra ease figured in at the bottom. As a result, it doesn't look good closed at the bottom because of the way it pulls tight over my bum. Had I knitted a roomier size, this probably wouldn't have been a big deal (you can see on the pattern page that the original sweater has more ease than mine), but as it is, I didn't even bother sewing buttons on the bottom half of the sweater. Honestly, this is the way I'd wear it anyway, so I don't care, but I think this has been fixed for the final version of the pattern.


cauchy09 said…
what a great cozy sweater! i love the shaping on the back. congrats!
ann said…
Nice buttons, nice color. Good job. I'm curious--how much was all the yarn for that sweater?

I love that last picture!
Jessi said…
So lovely. There is nothing finer on earth than a cozy gray cardi.

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