socks for dudes

Now that Christmas is over, I can finally post pictures of Christmas knitting. I kept it simple this year, and made exactly three pairs of socks: one pair for Daniel, one pair for my brother Joe, and one pair for his wife MJ. That doesn't seem like a whole lot, does it? Well, it was enough. Every year I think I'll knit for everyone and get an early start, but every year I suddenly get inspired the week after Thanksgiving and I manage to knit just a couple of gifts. Ah well. The hand knits get around to everyone eventually.

Here are Daniel's socks:

I used Knitpicks Felici (fingering weight) in the "firefighter" colorway. The more I use this yarn, the more I like it. It's soft enough to be kind to sensitive little feet, but so far wears well in the wash. Daniel likes his new socks and has worn them several times this week already. However, he has recently decided that blue is his new favorite color, so could I please knit him something with blue yarn?

Here are my brother Joe's socks:

Both pairs are my own variation of a plain sock design, which I may or may not write up and post as a free pattern at some point. A pithy summary for those interested: work a top-down sock in 2x2 rib for a couple of inches, then switch to st st for the back half of the sock only, keeping 2x2 rib down the front of the foot and down the instep, using an eye-of-partridge heel and toe design of your choice (I use a 4-point spiral on kids' socks and conventional wedge toe with kitchener stitch for adults.)

Despite the apparent simplicity of this design, Joe's socks took a few tries, including a false start on a pair that I'm giving to Stuart, whose feet are a few sizes smaller. I'm a few rounds from finishing those, so I ought to have at least one more FO post before the close of 2011!

I ended up using Madelinetosh Vintage, (worsted weight hand-dyed) for Joe's socks, at a gauge of 6 spi on size 3 needles, which is the only reason I was able to go from start to finish easily in a week's time. The colorway is "badlands" and it's gorgeous. I wouldn't use Madelinetosh for just anyone, you know. Joe loves them, though he admits they are quite warm, just right for wearing around a chilly apartment or outside at those V-Tech Hokie football games, to which he has season tickets!

On a final note, what goes around comes around. My mom is making me socks for my birthday (I'm 33 today!). One is done, the other is still in progress. They are quite lovely.


Julie said…
Happy Birthday! Those are beautiful socks. And thanks for the recommendation on sock yarn for kids. The name Firefighter makes sense. Maybe they have a Police Officer for blue? I've fallen back on giving Smartwools because the kids will wear them, but maybe I'll try this Knitpicks yarn. Wishing you the best in 2012.
I love the firefighter socks!
Happy Birthday!!
canadahauntsme said…
The pics really don't do the socks justice. They are not only super warm, but gorgeous as well! The yarn is thick and soft, and look as though it's made from nickel and bronze.

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