summer in october

It almost feels like summer here, with temps so warm I'm glad I didn't pack away all the summer shorts just yet. It was a perfect day for playing in the sandbox...

...admiring the changing leaves...

...and flying a kite at the park!

Also, this sock got a little bigger:

I haven't decided yet if I'm keeping these socks, but I'm inclined to. I could really use a few more pairs this winter, since my decade-old, beloved smart wool socks are finally getting holes in the heels!

I need to make my kids some socks, too. 80+ degree weather in mid-October or no, the snow will fly soon enough, and man, do those little feet grow. A few days ago, either Daniel or Anya (I can't remember which one) saw me working on this sock and said, "Mom, is that sock for me?" with such eagerness that I felt a little guilty (only a little, not a lot) about saying no, darlin', this one is my size.


WildflowerWool said…
We are enjoying the nice weather here too! I like the colour of your sock yarn.

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