is it october already?

This is the good part of fall. Leaves are just starting to turn, the sun is still shining, there is a bounty of tasty produce at the farmers' markets, and the chill in the air is just enough to make a knitter's thoughts turn to wool...and also the fact that Christmas - and several family birthdays - are less than three months away. I've given some thought to what I might make for holiday gifts, but I had better decide soon how much to commit myself to handmade gifts.

In the meantime, I've made some good progress on my Irish Coffee:

A good chunk of that got done on Wednesday at the children's hospital while Daniel was in surgery getting his adenoids out and ear tubes put in. It's not a major procedure, but they put him under for about an hour, and it was pretty rough coming out of it. We got home several hours later than anticipated. Thankfully, it went well, it's over, and the rest of his recovery is going quite well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Daniel can go back to school on Monday...for one thing, if I have to play one more game of Parcheesi, I may go cross-eyed. (It could be worse. It could be Candy Land.)


Anonymous said…
Definitely Parchesi instead of Candyland! And the sweater is looking really good!
Jessi said…
Ack. I hate Candyland! Sweater is looking amazing, though.

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