Liesl: I finished this weeks ago. I've worn it at least twice, even got a couple compliments on it from people who are reasonably fashionable. Why it took me until today to hand my husband the camera and ask him to pretty please take a few photos, I don't know. I guess it's because I feel a little dorky posing in the back yard. Since I'm a giant dork already, I'm not sure why it matters.

Anyway, here it is!

I really like this sweater.

It's really comfortable and, as far as I know about these things, stylish.

Mostly, it's flattering, though the shape and loose knit quality means I have to wear a cami underneath, and this accentuates the flatness of my bust-line.

The only other drawback to this design is that the heaviness of the fabric, especially with the fullness at the bottom, pulls the sweater down, down. It's already rather oversized, so the loose fit doesn't matter, but those armholes didn't start out that deep, I promise. Hopefully a trip through the washer and dryer will pull it back into shape. I'm still contemplating a crochet edging around the neck and arms, and I wonder if that will help keep it in the right shape a little better. Thoughts, anyone?

The pockets are simply too much fun...though the first time I wore it, my son Daniel pointed to them and said, "Mom, are those cup holders in your sweater?" Ha! No, I replied, but wouldn't that be handy?

I think I need a better necklace to wear with this, something with bigger, chunkier beads. Maybe something long. I'm not really a jewelry collector at all, so this red one is the best I've got.

Pattern: Liesl (from
Yarn: sportweight linen yarn by Louet, 3 skeins. I thought the yarn would be annoying and stiff, but it wasn't, happily. It really and truly softens up with washing, too, just like they say.

This photo is just self-indulgent. Humor me.


Anonymous said…
It's very cute and fashionable.

I think you'll need to sew up the shoulder seams (maybe with a sewing machine) to make the neckline and armholes tighter. You don't have any seams, and my guess is that it's a slippery yarn, which is why it is growing.

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