just in time

Last night I finally finished sewing the zipper into Anya's new sweater. Just in time, too - this morning the walk to school was chilly!

Fall arrives so abruptly here. Monday we were still wearing shorts, and today you could see little puffs of breath as children and parents made their way up the hill to the elementary school.

This sweater was barely adequate to keep her warm (it was about 40 degrees), but she kept moving and only complained a couple of times.

Pattern: Liv's Coat by Megan Grewal
Yarn: Valley Yarns Superwash DK, plus a little bit of something else in cream for the i-cord edging (Rowan DK wool, I think)
Sticks: size 6 circulars and DPNs for most of the sweater, plus size 3 for the garter edging on the sleeves and bottom of the sweater body

The sweater features an asymmetrical cable pattern. One line of stitches in the cable is knit 2, the other is a single knit stitch. I'm still not completely sold on this design feature; had I the energy I might have swapped out a different cable pattern with more symmetry and thickness, but this did stretch me a little, and I'm generally pleased with the result. The instructions were at times a little bit unclear, but there was nothing I couldn't figure out by just looking at the work and doing what seemed the most logical. The biggest problem I had with the sweater was the i-cord edging around the front and hood. I think it pulls in too much, as though I should have picked up more stitches for it. I certainly don't feel like taking it out, especially now that I have the zipper sewn in. Anya has already worn her new sweater and is quite fond of it, as you can see.

As you can also see, there's not really a whole lot of extra room there. My girl is growing fast. I need to figure out what to make her next.


cauchy09 said…
aw, so adorable!

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