it's been a while since i've posted an FO

It's been a while since I've posted an FO, but I have my reasons:

1. It's summer. I'm still knitting, but the thought of modeling anything made out of wool for a photo, even for a few minutes, is extremely unappealing. I've got a couple hats that have been done for a while now, and I just need the motivation to sweet talk my husband into taking a few pictures of me wearing them.

2. I started a new sweater, a summer tunic-tank thing called Liesl. The pattern and yarn were an impulse purchase a couple of months ago, and I finally got around to casting on last week. You start off with a gazillion stitches, so it's been a little slow-going.

3. Our desktop computer has been having strange problems for several weeks, rendering it unusable. A couple of trips to the Apple store and much diagnostic work by my husband finally revealed a problem with the video card. This is easily fixed, fortunately, but I can only use the laptop for now, which has a smaller screen and is kind of uncomfortable to type on. This means I am spending less time on the computer and thus less time online. This is probably not a bad thing, but it means I am blogging somewhat less.

4. I was working on a test knit for a couple of weeks, and had to keep it secret until the pattern release. Well, the pattern was just released today, so now I finally have something to share! This is the Gibson Shell, by the fabulous Thea Colemann of BabyCocktails.

I probably ought to get some better pictures, now that I can post about it, but the sticky summer weather has kind of killed my motivation for it.

The designer's version has little buttons on the back of the split collar. It's very cool and retro. I want to copy her, once I find the right buttons.

Pattern: Gibson shell, by BabyCocktails
Yarn: Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool, just over 3 skeins. I only had to use the 4th because I made the sweater a little longer than the original pattern called for. I love this rich red color; it's my favorite.
Needles: size 6, circular and DPNs
Mods and comments: I made the sweater slightly longer, just because that's how I like to wear my tops, comfortably over my hips. This meant I added an increase to the body shaping to accommodate. The cable on the front was, I think, meant to be a little lower, but I'm so small-chested that this placement works fine. Those more endowed than I would probably want it a tad lower. The pattern is very well-written; as I mentioned before, I was a test knitter and I had no problems with the instructions. The back neck looks weird before you knit on the collar and sew down the pleats, but it all works out, trust me.

Next up: a couple of hats! As soon as I can stand to wear them, that is.


Jessi said…
Love this! So pretty and sweet.
So pretty! (Both you and the sweater. :-D )
Anonymous said…
That pattern suits you beautifully
Your fit is a little different than Thea's -- closer to the neck -- and I like it... I like both! Cute design!
WildflowerWool said…
It must be fun to be a part of the test knitting. The sweater looks great on you!

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