heat wave

We're having a hot week up here, with temps well into the 90s and heat advisories everywhere you turn. What happened to spring, anyway? The growing season is late this year because we had such a cool, wet spring and now we've launched straight into summer. The last few, sweltering days I've been ever-so-grateful for the following things: the swimming pool, water balloons, our newly-installed ceiling fans, and fresh-squeezed lemonade. That last item was a fun experiment this afternoon. Daniel, as it turns out, is a champion lemon-squeezer, and Anya takes her role of supervisor very seriously. "Thanks for squeezing my perfect lemons into lemonade!" she exclaims.

Surprisingly, I haven't really lost any knitting mojo during the heat wave. It helps that I finished up a sweater last week (that test knit, and it's lovely, but I can't share it yet) and have moved on to some smaller items that don't weigh so heavily on the lap. Also, I recently got my hands on a copy of the new book from Schoolhouse Press, Knit One Knit All, a posthumous collection of Elizabeth Zimmerman's garter stitch designs. Or rather, I should say more of her garter stitch designs; her Baby Surprise Jacket and Tomten sweater are well-established classics in the knitting repertoire.

Maybe I'll do a full review of the book some other post, but for now I'll just leave you with a photo:

This is called "Diamond-Back Bonnet" and so far, I'm the only one on Ravelry with a project for it! I'm using some yarn I bought at the farmers market last month: natural brown wool from Jacob sheep who safely graze at Dreamfarm. It's a good match of yarn to pattern, I think. Would EZ approve?


Anonymous said…
I love the juxtaposition in that photo!

Louise said…
That must be a great book. I must put that on my wish list. Cute bonnet. I am sure she would approve of your wool choice.

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