new sweater for anya

Anya benefits greatly from having both a mama AND an Oma who like to knit for her. My mom just finished up a new sweater, and Anya graciously agreed to model it this morning:

She wore it until it got too warm and she had to remove it. And her socks. And her shoes. And eventually, her shirt.

See the daffodils there? They just bloomed today. I've been in my hometown in Kentucky this week, where I brought the kids for a visit while Daniel is on spring break. It's been nice and warm and relaxing, but we're returning home to Wisconsin tomorrow, where the daffodils won't make their appearance for a little while!


Anonymous said…
Great sweater for Anya-so practical, and she'll be able to grow into it!

Hope spring comes to your home soon.
cauchy09 said…
aww, cute sweater! i love those bobbles.

have a great weekend!
Jessi said…
Precious! Good job, Mrs. G! I love the bobbles.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Jessi.

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