I'm nearing the end of the Polar Chullo.

Except for those earflaps, knitting this hat has been really, really fun. It's good to know this about fair isle: even if the gauge is dauntingly tiny, working the color patterns is interesting enough to move things along.

The finishing work is taking forever, though. Two nights ago I began the applied i-cord edging (a first for me!) and I declared to my husband, "I don't know why people complain about i-cord edging. This is actually kind of fun!" Half an hour later when I'd ripped it out twice and it still looked like crap, I retracted that statement. I finally got it right (choosing the right size needle helped a lot - who knew?) and finished the i-cord last night.

Now I still have about a thousand ends to weave in, tassels and pom-poms to make, blocking, and oddly enough, some beads to sew on. The pattern doesn't call for beads at all, but I thought it would be fun to use them for the polar bears' noses and eyes. I really want to get this hat finished by tomorrow to give to the recipient (one of Daniel's teachers at preschool) because even though it's technically spring, it's still plenty cold enough for warm wool hats here!


Jessi said…
That is fabulous and amazing. I am officially in awe.
katie said…
suze, that is aMAzing!!! love it.
cauchy09 said…
ooh, what a great hat!
Anonymous said…
I hope you can get a picture of the lucky recipient wearing it!
Dee said…
That is a great hat! I want one now.

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